LuAnne Bonanno

Quota International of Lawrence, Massachusetts
Region 7
United States

Nominee for: International Vice President

Future Vision for Quota: 

A wise woman once said “Quota is the greatest organization many have never heard of”. In order to grow, we need the public to know who we are and what we do. I believe Quota can get some much needed publicity from two proposals. Right now, only clubs that raise $5,000 in a single fundraiser are recognized by International. We have many smaller clubs doing great things-they are raising funds and helping their local communities. They may raise $5,000 a year, or maybe not at all, but they still deserve recognition. By implementing a tiered system, based on club membership, smaller clubs would have bragging rights for their Facebook pages, websites and local media. If we partner with stores like WalMart, (Big W or Waltermart), we can get discount cards for our members. Every time a member shops for Quota, the card will be viewed by many-inviting conversation about Quota.

Experience Within Quota:

  • 4 years Club President
  • 8 years Club Secretary
  • Scholarship Chair
  • 2 years Governor District 29
  • 2 years Lt. Governor District 29

Professional Background & Experience:

  • Mentoring a domestic abuse survivor
  • Organized the donation of 40,000 lbs of produce to 3 Homeless Shelters
  • Manager of 150 member award winning Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)
  • Farmer, Author, Wife, Mother, Grandmother

Non-Quota Activities & Awards:

  • Mrs. Essex County 2009
  • AFBWC Communications Boot Camp Graduate
  • Editor of Farm’s weekly newsletter with a ‘Recipe of the Week’