Volunteer of the Year 2018 Recipients: Regions 1 - 5
Recipients serving in Canada and the United States (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin)



Maureen Taylor
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Region 1

Maureen is a role model Quotarian. She volunteers to do what is needed for projects and events. Maureen is known for her skill in bringing likeminded groups together to achieve common goals. Within the club, she is a source for knowledge, training and friendship. Maureen is the glue that holds the club together.


Sophia Hadjian
Canton, Ohio, United States
Region 2

With a willingness to serve in leadership roles, Sophia is known to be a solid leader, active citizen and steward of the community. Her roles in Quota International have been as Co-chair of Committees, Director, Vice-President, Co-President, and Board Member. As a volunteer, she has assisted with fundraisers throughout the community to help those in need.

Esther Hershberger
Wooster, Ohio, United States
Region 2

In the last year Esther has used her talents to organize volunteer opportunities at 180 (a local non-profit agency assisting disadvantaged women and children and those with suffering from addiction) and People to People. She is willing to give of her time and talents to assist with fundraisers and other events. Esther is a joy to be around.

Sandee Hollenshead
Salem, Ohio, United States
Region 2

'Sandee is very organized, resourceful and dedicated to seeing projects and fundraisers through until the very end. She has assumed many roles over the years. After recently moving to Michigan to be closer to her family, Sandee organized the Salem Quota Clinic Christmas Party from long distance. Although a Member at Large, Sandee is still active with volunteer opportunities, club activities, and as an advocate for children.'

Mary Ann Poling
Massillon, Ohio, United States
Region 2

'With a compassionate heart and a love for community, Mary Ann has always been willing to volunteer. She was the co-chair of our Princess Tea Party fundraiser, helped with other fundraising events like the reverse raffle, auction and summer concert event fundraiser. Mary Ann organized a fundraiser at a local restaurant where the club received 20% of daily proceeds. As a volunteer, she helped with the annual Thanksgiving dinner program and the Massillon Salvation Army school backpack for children in need.'

Richard Stadel - on left

Richard Stadel
Lake County, Ohio, United States
Region 2

Richard has served on the scholarship and bylaws committees. His warm smile, personality and willingness to volunteer led to partnerships within the community to benefit the Speech and Hearing projects of the club. His generosity was shown by the founding of a scholarship in his father's name. Richard is a delight to have a member. 


Sue Wells
Alliance, Ohio, United States
Region 2

Sue is an active leader and volunteer within the club whose enthusiasm is contagious. She is one of the first to volunteer to help with projects. As a Quota International leader, she has co-chaired the Disadvantages Women & Children; Memorial Scholarship; and Social committees. As a volunteer she was integral to activities such as the Carnation Days in the Park fundraiser, collection of items for the local Domestic Violence Shelter, and a party for Girls Together.


Nikki HenseNikki Hense
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Region 3

Passionate and committed, Nikki has brought fresh ideas mixed with strong organizational skills to the club. She has chaired the Ways and Means committee, advertised the Quota Royale fundraiser, and supported creative ideas for the Student Night Out. Nikki's dedication to the members of the club and the mission of Quota International are an asset to the future of the club.

Bonnie Reed
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Region 3

Creative, dedicated and passionate are words to describe Bonnie. Her "can do" attitude is the hallmark of Quotarian. She has served as on the Service Committee and assisted with the annual golf tournament and scrapbooking fundraisers. As an ambassador to other community events, she eagerly shares about the efforts of the club.

Virginia SalkeldVirginia (Ginny) Salkeld
Waterloo, Iowa, United States
Region 3

Virginia (Ginny) is an advocate for early childhood education. Her role as Chairman of Cops and Kids has been an opportunity to foster relations between younger children and Police Officers while providing access to reading materials. She has worked to organize the Cops and Kids reading schedule, secure funds for books, schedule book distributions, and plan for an Officer Appreciation Day. She also serves on the Quarter Auction and Hostess committees. Ginny's efficiency and dedication will serve the club well into the future.

Mae Trottier
Bismarck-Mandan, North Dakota, United States
Region 3

A member of Quota International for 38 years, Mae is a driving force behind the success of the club. Mae has recruited several members through the years, including the current club president. Her commitment to success of fundraisers and dedication to mentoring new members is creating the future of the club. She is truly a treasure.

Lisa Williams
Kirksville, Missouri, United States
Region 3

Lisa exhibits a willingness to take on leadership roles in the club. This year she worked tirelessly to complete sales of surplus items for the fundraiser. She made call after call and made personal deliveries to be sure the fundraiser was a success. Her dedication and persistence are a great resource to the club.


Laura Loeffler
Iosco County - Michigan, United States
Region 4

'Active in many organizations in the community, Laura is a firm believer in the mission and purpose of Quota International. She generously gives of her time, talents and goes the extra mile when needed. Laura's enthusiasm to serve, excellent organizational skills, and the courage to try new fundraising ideas are a benefit to the club and community at large.'

Melissa Summers
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Region 4

Melissa is passionate about community and Quota International. With a big heart, she took on chairing main fundraising event, the Duck Walk. She has been integral in managing other fundraising events including the bowling event, movie event, annual golf outing and silent auctions. Melissa has served as a mentor and advocate for financial literacy education for youth.


Mary Bolling
Greensboro, North Carolina, United States
Region 5

'Mary works tirelessly to ensure that the club members stay involved in the community, support each other, and move full speed ahead with fundraising efforts. This year Mary headed the Rada fundraiser, Pecan Sales and helped at the Yard Sale. She has been a part of every service project from cutting and tying Project Linus blankets, packing Backpack Beginnings bags, cooking for the YWCA, to walking in the Alzheimer's walk. She is the embodiment of our club.'

Susanne Rubenstein
Shenandoah County, Virginia, United States
Region 5

Susanne is willing to take on any rile that the club needs. Her energy revitalizes the club to be more active. She has coordinated the blood drive, organized the clearing and cleaning of the Natural Bridge in Virginia, supported the brass ornament fundraiser, volunteered at the Hospital Bazaar, and distributed ear plugs at the Tractor and Derby show to promote awareness about Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Susanne is a treasure to the club.

Shelly WelchShelley Welch
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States
Region 5

Shelley is enthusiastic and willing to share her knowledge as a health care professional by serving as a board member and chair of the Hearing and Speech committee. She is active in all activities and has become a magnet for people to join the club. Shelley's energy will serve the club and community for years to come.

Pam Whitmore

Pam Whitmore

Beckley, West Virginia, United States
Region 5

Pam's willingness to assume various leadership roles and guide members through the topics of  bylaws, events, fundraisers, and various special projects is well known. Her organizational skills ensure that each project is successful. As a member of Quota International for 34 years, Pam is truly a resource for the future of the club.