Volunteer of the Year 2018 Recipients: Regions 6 - 10 and 16 - 17

Recipients serving in Aruba, Curacao, Netherlands, St. Eustatius, Suriname, and the United States (Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont)



Eleanor Henwood
Shenango Valley, Pennsylvania, United States
Region 6

Eleanor has personified compassion, kindness and thoughtfulness in her participation as a Quota International member. She has held multiple offices, assisted with every project that the club has hosted, and has opened her home for meetings and events. The Prince of Peace project is her signature project that feeds those in need. She has brought in new members and is always looking for more ways to help.

Sandy Love
Cambridge, Maryland, United States
Region 6

Eager and willing to freely give of her time, Sandy has served as a committee member or chair on several events and activities such as Events Bingo, Harvest Dinner & Dance fundraisers, backpacks for elementary children, Christmas gifts to those in the hospital, toiletries and linens for the Salvation Army Cold Weather Shelter, and baking for Thanksgiving dinner. Her vision is to expand services to community. She exemplifies the value of caring and sharing.


Georgia Erickson
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Region 7

As a devoted member of Quota International for 34 years, Georgia embodies the "can do" attitude. She is willing to do what is needed to help those in need in her community. She is known for her warmth and for her work with the Connecticut Food Bank and for chairing The Boscov's Department Store Fashion Show fundraiser. Georgia is a treasured member of the club.

Barbara Fabrizio
Bristol, Connecticut, United States
Region 7

Barbara stepped into a leadership role by Chairing the Community Service Committee, helping with dinner arrangements for meetings and by chairing the October Fashion Show. Through the Community Service committee, she has helped local school children and parents through the Bristol Hospital Parent & Child Center. Barbara is appreciated as a compassionate volunteer who is unafraid to speak her mind. Her input and commitment to Quota International are deeply valued.

Joanne Lovecchio
Lawrence, Massachusetts, United States
Region 7

Since joining Quota International in 1933, Joanne has been a staunch advocate for enhancing the quality of life for persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, and people with speech difficulties. She has always offered of her time and talents to assist in providing scholarships or technology such as iPad, Switch, Mount and POD Apps for youth in need. Here lifelong commitment exemplifies the true meaning of Quota.


Sharon DunlapSharon Dunlap
Valdosta, Georgia
Region 8

Sharon's commitment to service is evident in her willingness to assist with all activities simply because she sees a need. It is common for her to be the first person to arrive at a Quota International event and the last person to leave. Her positive attitude and outlook are an inspiration to all who know her. She is a valuable asset to the club.



Pam BeadlePamela Beadle
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Region 9

Service with a Heart was not only the theme of the club this year but a testament to Pamela, the Club President. Her warmth and generosity were shown through the projects that were completed: Easter Baskets for elderly and those with mental health issues; the planning of the Region 9 meeting; Eyes on the Ties event; and volunteering at the Women's Hospital. 

Janet Dollar
Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Region 9

As a retired educator, she knows the importance of being selfless, hard-working, dependable, and to have the willingness to serve when asked. Janet embodies what it means to be a Quotarian.

Chelsea Holbron
Ruston, Louisiana, United States
Region 9

Dedicated and dependable, Chelsea served as the Chair of the Ways & Means Committee that held a very successful fundraiser. Her fresh ideas for community involvement and personality are a perfect combination that has new members joining the club. Her energy is very much appreciated. 

Jeri Little
Shreveport, Louisiana, United States
Region 9

Known as the life of the club, Jeri loves meeting people. She is always looking for ways to help improve the lives of people in the community and in the club. With a wonderful smile and skill in fundraising, she is able to connect with the women that are served, impact their needs, and has become a role model for them. Jeri is a valued club leader.

Corinne Pace
West Monroe, Louisiana, United States
Region 9

Well known and active in the community, Corinne has shared her skills as an idea developer, fundraiser organizer, and her ties to the community with the club. She is fun to be around. Her thoughtful and selfless nature is an inspiration to all.

Michelle Schifano
MS Gulf Coast - Biloxi, Mississippi, United States
Region 9

Michelle is an advocate for youth. She has been the Junior Quota sponsor for the 22-member Junior Quota club that made 40 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas, wrapped over 150 toys and 200 bags of candy for children in the school district, sponsored 2 families within the school plus homeless project, worked with the local animal Shelter, and made hygiene kits for homeless person. She is a quintessential Quotarian.

Pam Schulz

Pam Schulz
Magnolia, Arkansas, United States
Region 9

Pam has served in many roles in the club over the years. She is known for her willingness to chair fundraisers and to volunteer to do whatever is needed. This year she worked to set up the Quota Foundation, ran for the position of Region 9 Director, and handed out brochures at the county fair parade that created an awareness of Noise Induced Hearing loss.


Ostara A. AdoptieOstara A. Adoptie
Region 10

Caring for others is a high value for Ostara. She has provided transportation for members so they are able to attend events, advocated for teenagers, and delivered treats to women in prison. Ostara is a member that is friendly and dependable, a true asset to the club.


Ivy SimonIvy Simon Hernandez
Region 10

Ivy was the head of the Fundraising Committee that facilitated the main fundraising event. She played a major role in  the Salsa dance for Deaf and Hard of Hearing, the Shatter Silence and the annual earplugs campaign during Carnival season which created an awareness of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.



Krista Dunlap
Paradise, California, United States
Region 16

No is not a word in Krista's vocabulary when it comes to Quota. She is willing to help with any size project whether is manning food banks, helping with wildfire and flood victims, or implementing her idea of a bike rodeo. Krista's passion and enthusiasm will benefit the club for years to come.


Gail Albers
Estes Park, Colorado, United States
Region 17

Gail's energy and dedication made each of the events that she worked with a success. Her "can do" attitude had her step into the roles of Taste of Estes Event Chair, Co-chair on the Holiday Tour tree committee and Co-chair of Estes Park Police AED. Gail's organizational skills and energy made it a very successful year for the club.

Becky Galiotto
Mountain View/Los Altos, California, United States
Region 17

Loved and respected by the members for her kind and generous nature, she is well known for her hard work as the club treasurer and as an active volunteer. Becky has assisted with events such as the Summer BBQ, benefitting the back to school project and Mountain View Community Services Agency, and the Fashion show. Her compassion extends to visiting members who have become ill. Becky is a true Quotarian.

Barbara NunesBarbara Nunes
Cupertino, California, United States
Region 17

'Barbara embodies all the qualities of a committed community volunteer. She immersed herself in the club and made herself available for every Quota activity, project , and volunteered her home for fund raising, project assembly and distribution. Barbara is a mentor and is always willing to share her knowledge and experiences with our members. Barbara demonstrates passion for Quota's mission.'