Volunteers of the Year 2016

You have shown by your hearts and good works what it is to make a difference in the lives the people around you!
Thank you for inspiring us all to be more involved in our communities as Quota International members!
Congratulations for being selected as the Volunteers of the Year for 2016!


Anne Arnold - Region 1  Barbara Bilconish - Region 6
Nancy Birosik - Region 6

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Shona Carter - Region 13
Maureen Collins - Region 8
Dianne Day - Region 2
Anne Arnold Barbara Bilconish Nancy Birosik Sandra Campbell Shona Carter Maureen Collins Diane Day
Gardentown, Toowoomba, Australia;
Region 13
Cambridge, Maryland,
United States;
Region 6
United States;
Region 6
West Virginia,
United States;
Region 5
Region 13
United States;
Region 8
United States;
Region 2
Anne filling lavender pillows which she then delivers to the Breast Cancer nurses in 3 local hospitals. Not only has Barbara served as Chairperson for Better Hearing and Speech, she was instrumental in the success of the
Bingo event in February.
With 40 years in Quota Nancy continues to give. She never says, “let someone else do it”. She is the “someone else”.
Sandy is known for her work with care packages for the troops, providing hearing aids to the community and the partnerships with Hospice and RDVIC.
A member since 1998, Shona has
held a number of Board positions. Shona is also the club photographer and meticulous club historian.
As a newer member, Maureen has taken on numerous positions. Her goal is to help Quota move forward in the community and to help local charities.
Dianne is passionate about all the causes she volunteers to help. She is a charter member of Quota International of Massillon.
Mary Delany - Region 1
Kathleen Drummond - Region 21
Holly Engel - Region 2
Sarah Marie Facuri Region 18
Debbie FiField - Region 15
Kathy Fitzgerald - Region 7
Alice Flynn - Region 9
Mary Delaney Kathleen Drummond Holly Engel Sarah Marie Facuri Debbie Fifield
Kathy Fitzgerald
Alice Flynn
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;
Region 1
New Zealand;
Region 21
Lake County, Ohio,
United States;
Region 2
Region 18
Thuringowa, Queensland, Australia;
Region 15

United States;
Region 7

United States;
Region 7

Throughout 23 dedicated years in Quota, from member to District Governor, Mary has shown leadership and embodies Quota’s tenets of caring and sharing.
Kathleen is a committed member in Quota International of Papakura and her volunteer in her community. She never hesitates to offer her time for events.
Holly (center) is an newer member who participated in auctions, is club treasurer, has hosted a program meeting and is willing to help whenever needed.
Sarah is a second generation Quotarian taking the lead for her generation as secretary, recruiter and fundraiser. Sarah is a vibrant asset to her club and community.
Deb is an awesome hard working Quotarian with a Take Charge attitude. She will always lend a hand, volunteering when required.
Kathy has been Treasurer of Quota International of Lawrence since 2011. She serves with generosity and a smile while offering of her time and talents.
Alice brings a can-do attitude to our projects. Since joining Quota in 2014, Alice has made us a stronger and better club.
Nieves Maria Fuentes - Region 19
Bernadette Galange - Region 18
Ria Gascoyne - Region 15
Betty Gerych - Region 17
Jeanette Gunsch - Region 3
Allie Harpster - Region 2
Gaik Hong Khoo - Region 18

Nieves Maria Fuentes
Bernadette Galange
Ria Gascoyne
Betty Gerych
Jeanette Gunsch
Allie Harpster
Gaik Hong Khoo
Region 19

Pampanga, Philippines;
Region 18

Region 15

Bath, New York, United States;
Region 17

North Dakota,
United States;
Region 3

Canton, Ohio, United States;
Region 2

Kuala Lumpur,
Region 18

Nieves goes out of her way to help. She spearheaded the rehabilitation of the day care center Cordova Cebu known as Gilutongan Island.
She is supportive in all of our projects and always extending an extra mile of service.
Ria is very organized, committed and motivating. She lead the Classic Car Calendar committee that strengthened members’ friendships and achieved 
$10, 000 in financial success.
Whether the task is revitalizing an elementary school, SPCA fundraisers or the community choir, Betty is always willing to give to the community. 
Jeanette is a caring person who gives her time and talents to her community. She has served in many leadership roles during her time with Quota.
Allie has been instrumental in the archiving of Quota records in Canton, leading her club and in fundraising efforts that provide support to those in need.
Gaik Hong Khoo is the past president of QI of Kuala Lumpur. She has a very cheerful personality, is extremely generous, helpful and kind.
Paula Ivanovic - Region 13
Jeanette Jackson - Region 14
Mary Jane Kiefer
Jill Macconi - Region 6
Moya McKeon
Alma Mercado - Region 18
Robym Mitchell - Region 13
Paula Ivanovic
Jeanette Jackson
Mary Jane Kiefer
Jill Macconi
Moya McKeon
Alma Mercado
Robyn Mitchell
Region 13

New South Wales,
Region 14

United States;
Region 3

United States;
Region 6

Queensland, Australia;
Region 13

Angeles City, Phillipines;
Region 18

Brisbane South,
Region 13

Paula has volunteered over 400 hours for Brisbane City Club this year. She is known for organizing the Christmas breakfast and Make a Meal service.
As a member since May of 1985, Jeanette has been relied on to assist with many fundraising events. She is the true spirit of Quota.
Mary Jane is always assisting others, volunteering, and speaking about Quota. She initiated the Quarters for Quota event as one of the Quota Cares projects.
Jill at our 14th Annual 'Hooray for Hollywood' Beef and Beer Fundraiser. Her dedication and bold personality make her a strong Quotarian.
Moya initiated the annual Eisteddfod and is still the assistant coordinator. She is also the Community service chair and QuoCKa Reading Organizer for three schools.
Alma is known for her efforts in organizing community health, education and economic projects that will benefit women, children and the elderly for years to come.
Robyn has served in all club positions.  She has organized projects such as packs for the homeless and Christmas Boxes for children overseas. 
Wilma Pace - Region 9
Ma Ann Parcon - Region 18
Enola Peters - Region 3
Carolina M. Piad - Region 18
Tara Pratt - Region 7
Barbara Rochaix - Region 14
Chantal Rumay-Jardim - Region 10
Wilma Pace
Ma. Ann Parcon
Enola Peters
Carolina Piad
Tara Pratt
Barbara Rochaix

Southeast Texas,
Nederland, Texas,
United States;
Region 9

Iloilo, Philippines;
Region 18

Sioux City, Iowa,
United States;
Region 3

Paranaque, Philippines;
Region 18

Candlewood Valley,Connecticut,
United States;
Region 7

New South Wales, Australia;
Region 14

Curaçao, Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles;
Region 10

Wilma started the mats for the homeless community and works diligently to continue this project. She helps to promote Quota International and Quota International projects.
Ann walks her talk in the spirit of volunteerism. She embraces the mission of our club, which is part of her life tenet: Service to Community.
Enola has “grit” and a “can-do” attitude and will work hard to serve others and accomplish Quota goals.
She has single handedly undertaken the refurbishing of the Barangay BF Health Center for five years under the Hand-In-Hand program of Quota.
Tara inspires and leads while serving on the board of directors and as chairman for the adopt a family and the speech and hearing committees.
Barbara is always ready for service. She always presents the best reports and is eager to help other board members.
Chantal is a very positive and energetic lady with the great potential of bringing new and young generation into our club.
June Scott - Region 4
Laverne Seefeld - Region 3
Usha Sekhri - Region 20
Maria Soccoro Ventosa - Region 18
Janette Taylor - Region 13
Leah Thompson - Region 1
Jan Thorpe - Region 15
June Scott
Laverne Seefeld
Usha Sekhri
Maria "Colo"
Soccoro Ventosa
Janette Taylor
 Leah Thompson Jan Thorpe
Losco County,
United States;
Region 4

Fargo, North Dakota,
United States;
Region 3

DLF City, Haryana, India;
Region 20

Manila South, Philippines;
Region 18

Carindale, Queensland, Australia;
Region 13

Premier Cyber, Canada;
Region 1

North Lakes,
Region 15

June puts 100 percent in to everything she does and is quick to help. She volunteers at the Tawas Area Chamber Office and participates in all events.
Laverne has a heart of gold and is a great asset with regards to the learning the needs of a Quota or community member.
Usha works with troubled children, leads the Sponsor a Child educational program and assists with Project Shiksha. She is a great at fundraising also.
For Colo, sharing is happiness. Neither typhoons or hot days deter Colo from delivering care packages. She is caring, cooperative and goes the extra mile to help.
Janette speaking with a State member of Parliament at the Quota Craft & Gift Fair. She is helpful, approachable and works extremely hard at all events.
President and co-founder of Quota International of Premier Cyber; and former member Quota International of Peterborough. She is the heart of any team.
Jan is always willing to open her home. She hosted this years ovarian cancer awareness morning tea and club annual planning day. Cheers to Quota International!
Marguerite Timbs - Region 21
Judith Townsend - Region 14
Gabriel Uriarte - Region 18
Penny Williams - Region 13
Glenda Willingham - Region 13

Donna Winders - Region 9

Valerie Wing - Region 1
Marguerite Timbs
Judith Townsend
Gabriel Uriarte
Penelope Williams
Glenda Willingham
Donna Winders
Valerie Wing
New Zealand;
Region 21

New South Wales, Australia;
Region 14

Sapang Palay, Bulacan, Philippines;
Region 18

Gold Coast,
Region 13

East Memphis,
United States;
Region 9

Paris, Tennessee, United States;
Region 9

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada;
Region 1

Marguerite compassionately works to save the endangered bird species, the Kiwi, as well as supporting socials and events for families in rural areas.
Judith has a generous spirit and volunteers her time at the Australian museum one day per week and assists at St. David's church.
Gabriel spends time with indigents, students, parents and teachers, empowering them through the Poverty Alleviation training program in Marilao Bulacan.
"Penny" is known for teaching Medical English to migrant doctors, hosting AFS students, wish granting with the Starlight Foundation, and for organizing hospital pack service.
Quota International of East Memphis's Gertrude Purdue 2016 Volunteer of the Year. Glenda is always ready, willing and able to assist wherever she is needed.
Donna is known for her commitment to the education of children and for beinga leader with Quota International of Paris and in her community.
Faithful and dedicated, Valerie has taken on various leadership roles for Quota, donated thousands of roses for events, and been a Girls Leader for Girl Guides.
Ma Celeste Wong - Region 19
Kathleen Young - Region 21
Maureen Young - Region 14
Ma. Celeste Wong
Kathleen Young
Maureen Young
Mandaue, Cebu City, Philippines;
Region 19

Opotiki, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand;
Region 21

New South Wales, Australia;
Region 14

For Maria Celeste, or Maricel as she is fondly called, every situation she encounters among the disadvantages women and children is an opportunity to serve.
Kathleen Young has worked tirelessly for 10 years as Centre Manager for the Opotiki SPCA. She is a volunteer.
Maureen has served in many executive positions for Quota, most notably as Treasurer for eleven terms. Her innovative thinking has lead to many successful fundraising events.