Awards & Recognition

The International awards showcase Quotarians doing exemplary work empowering women, children, the deaf, and hard of hearing in their local communities.

Awards 2017

Award Descriptions and Recipients
5K and 10K Award is an achievement award spotlighting clubs raising 5,000 and 10,000 or more in a single fund-raising project.

Recipients: 5K and 10K 20175K and 10K 2016 and 5K and 10K 2015

Quota Cares Month Award highlights the unified efforts of Quotarians in clubs during the month of March providing services and fundraising to empower women, children, the deaf and hard of hearing.

Quota Cares Month 2017Quota Cares Month 2016 and Quota Cares Month 2015

Volunteer of the Year Award spotlights one Quotarian from each club/community who embodies the spirit of volunteerism empowering others and changing lives.

Recipients: Volunteers of the Year 2016 and Volunteers of the Year 2015

International Photography Contest recognizes the work of Quotarians through the lens. Award-winning photos represent Quotarians in action or those whose lives have been changed.

Recipients: Photo Contest 2017Photo Contest 2016 and Photo Contest 2015

Award Submissions

The submission period for awards ended on April 30, 2017. We thank you for your submissions for the 5K and 10K Award, International Photography Contest, Quota Cares Month Award and Volunteer of the Year awards for 2017. 

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Caton Quota Cares - Dress for Success

Top from left: In the wake of Cyclone Debbie, Quota International of Whitsunday members provided over 4,000 meals to emergency workers from across Australia in partnership with the Proserpine Lions and Lioness club; Quota Assistant Secretary of Manila South, Stella and Mangyan tribal artist making a tray together; and Children ages six to twelve at the two-day Festive Talent Fair at the Different Premiere School in Curacao sponsored by Quota Members in Curacao. Lower right: Members of Quota International of Canton partnered with the YWCA to supply clothing and accessories for a Dress for Success event to empower women transitioning into jobs to support themselves and their family.