Quota International Convention 2018

Kick-Off Celebration of Quota International's 100th Anniversary

July 2018 • Washington DC, United States

From the very start in 1919, Quotarians have been providing sound beginnings for women, children, deaf and hard of hearing in their local communities. Save the dates and join us as we celebrate 100 years of caring, sharing and providing hand in hand service!

Quota International and Washington DC 

Capitol Building Washington D.C.The  history of Washington DC and Quota International has continued through the decades with various partnerships. Below are some interesting facts:

1927 • Quota International’s history in Washington DC began in 1927 when United States President Calvin Coolidge learned of the work that Quotarians were doing and invited Quota to move its headquarters to the United States capitol. The city has served as our headquarters’ permanent home ever since, including the hosting international conventions in 1959, 1969 and 1989.

1980's • As a member of the Council for Better Hearing and Speech Month in the 1980’s, Quota International has been a presence at the White House and Capitol Hill in Washington DC.  

2015  Quota International partnered with the National Women’s History Museum, which is the most recent addition to the Smithsonian approved by the United States Congress. The museum is the first women's history museum on the National Mall. 

Many Nations - Many Friends

Convention 2016_Many NationsIn 2016, nearly 400 Quotarians attended our international convention in Brisbane, Australia. Our 90th International Convention will kick off celebrating a century of service in July 2018. Convention will be filled with opportunities to reconnect with friends and build new relationships from around the world.

Gallaudet University - Our neighbor 

Gallaudet University logoThe United States' first university for deaf and hard of hearing students, Gallaudet Universitycharter was signed by President Lincoln on the same day Congress voted on the 13th Amendment to abolish Slavery in 1864. It is said that Daniel Chester French, after being exposed to sign language at Gallaudet, designed the Lincoln Memorial with the statue of the former president’s hands forming his initials “A” and “L” in the manual alphabet.

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