Quota international. Inc. respects the privacy rights of individuals and their personal data and works diligently to adhere to current industry data privacy recommendations and standards. As such, Quota International, Inc. reserves the right and without any notice to modify the Privacy Policy. Modifications made will take effect upon posting of the changes.

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Google Analytics. Google Analytics is used for the properties, site and the pages contained within, including those pages that are common to all subdomains. The URL, a URL that redirects to, is also set as a Google Analytics property. Quota International, Inc. does not use advertising services from Google that use certain types of cookies associated with advertisers.

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For more information about the cookies used by Google Analytics and how to opt-out of the Google Analytics process:

  1. Google Analytics cookie usage
  2. Click here to opt-out of Google Analytics
  3. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on information

Quota International, Inc. uses iMIS software by Advanced Solutions (ASI) for its website and member services. The website and member services are hosted by ASI. Data submitted by members is accessible to authenticated Quota International, Inc. staff members who maintain the website and data records.

Member Listings
Quota International. Inc. does not sell, trade or rent information to third parties unless required by law.

Member Access
For members, data is accessed via password process and is limited to that member's record and to a member name listing with no access to the personal data of other members. By being a member of Quota International, Inc., members give consent to:

  1. staff to accessing data to provide member services using the data submitted
  2. data being processed using iMIS software
  3. data being stored by ASI
  4. basic member information being shared between the members of the Quota International leadership (staff, board members, regional directors and club presidents) when deemed necessary for member participation
  5. release Quota International, Inc., its members, staff and leadership from any and all liability associated with use of, subdomains and/or the URL,

Links to third party websites for data submission
Links to third party websites on and associated subdomains are used to collect information from donors, members, sponsors or other interested parties participating in Quota International, Inc. activities or membership. By submitting information via third party websites, such as Dropbox; Google Doc; Google Drive; JotForm; PayPal; and others, Users agree to the policies of the third party websites and release Quota International, Inc., its members, staff and leadership from any and all liability.

Questions regarding this Privacy Policy should be directed to the Communications Manager by e-mail at with Privacy Policy in the subject line.


Posted on: May 22, 2018