Health and Wellbeing     


Health and Wellbeing Hand in Hand World Service projects create safer and healthier environments for people living below the poverty line. Living in poverty can spread many illnesses that are preventable especially when living without electricity and running water. Quota members fill in the gaps providing diagnostic equipment, screenings for health, hearing, and vision, vaccinations and emergency care, and supplies for medical centers including fans and medication. Children whose mothers are in prison or are living in poverty also receive clothing and uniforms, nutritious school lunches, meals at day care centers, and a place to put their head at night.


Adopt a Village; Electricity and Running Water for Families  New Delhi


Life Coaching and Job Skills for Women, Children, and Deaf – Kuala Lumpur


Vaccines for the Children and Building Bridges for the Deaf  Las Piñas
Community Medical Mission Events  Parañaque
Build a Kitchen for Special Disabilities School 
Metro Cebu
Responsible Citizens; Combatting Malnutrition in Children  
Quezon City