Regional Director Message

Welcome to a wonderful part of the Quota World, Region 14.

Our Region covers southern NSW, as well as Victoria and ACT, Australia, and includes 19 clubs with many different interests. Two common characteristics of our members are the SERVICE and the FRIENDSHIPS made through our association with Quota International.

From the Outback to the Sea in South Eastern Australia, Quotarians are well prepared for the changes, starting with Quota’s structure as we move forward, and the changes we are able to make in our communities and the world around us.

Region 14 is born from the merging of three great districts, 31 (formed in 1962), 35 (formed in 1972) and 43 (formed from the merging of 32 and 38). A little on the history of these districts will show how diverse we are. The first District of Quota International in Australia, District 13, was formed way back in 1937, and the Sydney Club is still going strong today….merging with District 35 in 2011 and now this historic Club is part of Region 14!

We look forward to working together and making new friendships along the journey.

Karen Binstead, Director 2016-2018


Regional Newsletters can be found by clicking here.